Bali cruise packages & luxury private Bali yacht charters custom made for you.

As everyone knows, Bali is absolutely beautiful. By land there are so many magical locations it would take days to talk about. But while the landscape of Bali is incredible, the waters around the island are equally breathtaking. Whether you love the ocean for the beach or for the amazing underwater marine life, cruising Bali by boat is by the far one of the best experiences you can have.

We have put together some of the best boats for private charter in Bali. Browse by category or just scroll through our yacht portfolio below. For more information or special requests just send us an email and we'll be in touch.

Yacht Categories

Aneecha Sailing Catamaran Bali

Aneecha Catamaran

Aneecha is the #1 Bali day cruise catamaran yacht sailing Bali and Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan.

Blue Marlin Bali - Accura55 Yacht

Accura55 Yacht

A stylish and comfortable luxury yacht, popular with couples as well as small groups for celebrating & exploring the islands.

Lagoon Catamaran Bali

Lagoon380 Catamaran

Lagoon yachts are some of the best catamarans in the world. Spacious and seaworthy, great to spend a day sailing.

Bali Rizio Yacht

Bali Rizio Yacht

Popular choice for day cruises over to Penida and islands. Great captain & crew for a fun boat trip.

Bidadari Yacht

Bidadari Yacht

Center console, delux cabin & kitchennete with a blistering fast speed, Al Dhaen 360 WaveBreaker yachts are made for luxury, style and speed.

Bali Wahoo Yacht

Bali Wahoo Yacht

Specialising in sport fishing trips, Bali Wahoo & captain know where to find the fish in Bali.

Forever Yacht Bali

Forever Yacht

Luxury and style is what Forever embodies. Luxury speedboat yacht for day and overnight charters.

Blue Marlin 2 Accura48 Yacht

Accura48 Yacht

A great choice for private charters and fishing around Bali & for longer cruises to Lombok & Gili Islands.

Blue Marlin 3 Accura38 Yacht

Accura38 Yacht

Perfect speedboat for small groups looking for a day cruise to Lembongan or Penida.


Bali Yacht Services makes your holiday exerpeince even more memorable

Many people dream of renting a luxury yacht and island hopping. But many people also don't realize that sometimes just being on the water in a twin-engine speedboat can also be a great experience -- be it for surfing, fishing and just snorkeling.

We have a cruise for all types: luxury private yachts for special events and also regular speedboats for fun days at sea with the mates. You can browse our yacht category by the type of cruise you'd like, and we'll match you with the boat within that budget.

Bali Yacht Clubs and Bali Yachting

We were one of the first to bring the idea of yacht tourism to make it available online. And that's still what we love to do -- make chartering a yacht in Bali easy and accessible to visitors who want to try something a little different -- to have a more adventurous experience and cruise the waters around Bali by boat.

Yachting with families

I remember my first experience on a yacht as a small kid. It changed by life. And here we are now, able to share this experience with the next generation. Yes, yachting with your family in Bali is highly recommended. Especially with our selection of catamarans, you have that level of extra safety and we would be remiss not to say "extra fun" with the bow trampoline nets that are any kids dream.

Experiencing the vast diversity of island topography from a boat, and when close to shore -- the incredible diversity of undersea life -- is an experience for a kid that instills a sense of awareness of the planet and species that you won't find in a textbook. Great for the whole family.

Yachting for couples and friends

There are few experiences more lastingly romantic that being at sea, on a boat, open ocean and your best friend. These are the memories you cherish and that the greats write books about. There's a reason for this, and it is something that if you have the chance -- you should defineltly incorporate into your life.

We have all kinds of romantic cruise packages that we can help put together for you: afternoon or twilight sunset cruises around Bali (or in Penida if you are staying there). Champagne sunsets. Day cruises to nearby islands or searching for private white sand beach locations. Also overnight yacht charters if you want to take your Bali holiday to the next level.

Chartering your own private yacht around the waters of Bali is possibly one of the most romantic experiences you and your loved one could enjoy.

Yacht Charters are good for business

We get quite a few inquiries about renting a yacht in Bali for a corporate event. To be honest, these are some of the funnest requests to cater to because we always know the end result is: Team Building and Great Memories.

Being able to share special experiences outside of your normal work environment does wonders for team building and motivation that last well beyond just the day. Chartering a yacht for business is an investment in your team, your vision and their motivation to excel unlike any other experience. We know, because we've seen it happen time and again, and it's one of the reasons we love what we do -- positive motivation is contagious!

We're happy to help match you with the best yacht and the itinerary for the day (bespoke private yacht charters for business).

How about having your birthday on a private yacht?

Yet another great reason to rent a yacht in Bali -- birthday's! Weather it be a low-key affair or an extravagent gala, we can align you with the perfect yacht for private charter and the rest will be about just having fun.

Private Yacht Charter for Wedding and Pre-Wedding in Bali

We have some beautiful yachts that cater to larger wedding events in Bali. We also have some more intimate yachts for private charter as a honeymoon getaway, before or after the big day. We'll help you in whatever capacity you require, to work with your team or to hire floral and decorative agents to help make your dreams reality and memories that you will cherish forever.

Varity of yacht types, customized cruise itineraries

We've been putting these two elements together for many different types of clients for years. We were the pioneers and we are still out cruising the islands finding the best ways to spend your day on the sea. and amoung paradise islands.

Each boat and each cruise is different, and we help tailor your private yacht charter to the activities that you want. Some of the boats in our portoflio we own, and the others are our friends and associates that we've developped strong associations with for years. All the boats captains and crew are the best in the region and are all highly regarded in the community and by our satiffied guests.

Yacht destinations and charter activities

First things first: sailing or motor? Catamaran or mono-hull? Traditionally, sailing is a more leisurly experience -- it's all about being on the water and watching the world drift by. If you want an action packed day, then chose one of our speedboats and we can cram all kinds of activities into the day: snorkeling, island hopping, cliff jumping, surfing, fun fishing, etc. With a group that gets seasick easily? Then chose a catamaran yacht, they are much more stable and there's not as much rocking motion.

Popular cruise itineraries

Bali Yacht Services has been cruising Bali and the islands for over a decade, our mission is to find unqiue spots that are worthwhile. You want to have an experience, not just do what everyone else is doing. That's why you're here, and that's what we'll do for you.

Why Bali Yacht Services has been around so long

Long story short: We Love Yachting! And we love Bali, and sharing the yachting experience. The reason people come to us for charters is because we love to sail Bali and cruise the waters around these islands -- we literally live it on a daily basis. To see what we mean, just follow our #BaliYachts photos and documentary at our Twitter and Instagram pages to see what we mean -- it's wonderful to share these experiences with visiting travellers and that's why happy guests have been coming back to us for over 15 years.

You'll find us in the seas around Bali or some of the best beachclubs in Nusa Penida and the area and we'll take you there too. The islands around Bali are incredible for yachting and we have a cruise for every type of boating experience.