We offer a range of services including: local knowledge with relevant updates through our Blog & Newsletter, yacht management, yacht promotion, marine development consulting, as well as creating bespoke cruise routes for private charter yachts that require something special.

We love the yacht life and are fully dedicated to giving you the best information & services out there. Yacht tourism in the waters around Bali isn’t easy — let us help you navigate the way.

Yacht Management

Many people love yachting and dream to own a yacht, but when it comes to managing a boat most people would like to have that handled by professionals. At Bali Yacht Services we own boats, we operate boats, we manage boats and we promote boats. We know the market and we create markets where none previously existed. That's why we're the best.

Maritime Consultancy

Have a question about boating in and around Bali? Want to know more about yachting in Indonesia? We've been doing this for almost two decades. Our network is vast, our work speaks for itself and our references are premiere class. We offer maritime and yacht consulting to select clientelle.

Local Knowledge

As a yachter, being up-to-date with the latest regulations and local information is key to plan any voyage. At Bali Yacht Services we aim to provide this valuable knowledge throug our Bali boating blog --  we strive to give you the best information on yacht cruise tourism in Bali and beyond.

Cruise Maps

We love naval history, and what greater way is this represented than through nautical charts and maps. We also love information design, and work from time to time on creating customized local nautical charts. Some are for exclusive display and others can be custom made. Watch this space.

Buy/Sell Yachts

Want to join the Yacht Life in Bali? Ready to purchase your first boat? Or are you looking to sell? Soon we'll have an online listing, but for now, if you are interested in either of these just contact us and we will help connect you.


Years ago we were into builind boats. Times have changed now, and we can only help point you in the right direction. We know the best builders and the best marinas, so if this is something that piques your interest get in contact and we'll try and help.