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About Bali Island

Bali is an vibrant island located roughly in the center of the vast island chain that comprises the Indonesian archipelago. It’s considered a paradise on Earth by many, with the majority of Indonesia’s tourism coming from Bali alone – and for good reason too! Since the 1920s Bali has become a cruise destination that tourists flock to, not only for its sheer beauty, but also for its unique culture. Steeped in culture and Hindu roots, there is a very powerful spirituality throughout the island. Visitors come from around the world and all in search of different things: some want excitment, some adventure and others to find themselves. One thing that always remains constant: the world famous Balinese joie de vivre -- which is why Bali is also calle "The Island of a Million Smiles". Of course, Bali has many names that you may be familiar with: "Island of the Gods", "Island of a Thousand Temples" visitors are embedded within the culture the moment they step off the plane as incense aroma permeate the air and temples have offerings for the Gods around every corner.

The island lies on the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by vibrant coral reefs on the Southern coast. As you head more north, the coral turns to volanic black sand as you near the volcanoes. The island's focal point is in the stunning mountains in the center, which are actually for the most part active volcanoes. These include the periodically smoldering Mount Agung, which you can climb when large plumes of ash aren’t erupting from its center. Experience the best of Indonesia on a cruise to Bali.

Bali Beach Life

Why do people visit Bali? It’s largely down to its stunning beaches. Imagine endless clear blue water with stretching white sands backed by luscious greenery. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind while you sip a cocktail and get lost in a good book. Surfing and diving are amongst the most popular attractions on these beaches, making them an ideal spot for all kinds of tourists. Expect spectacular seafood and mouth-watering rice dishes served in authentic Indonesian restaurants around the island, washed down with popular Indonesian beers Bintang and Bali Hai.