4 Pretty Good Reasons For Yacht Tourism Indonesia

Blog > Yacht Tourism | date: 29 Oct 2017

There are at least four reasons that should make Indonesia a major destination for the world’s yachters: its rich natural resources, pleasant climate, safety from pirate attacks and freedom from typhoons — according to an official with the Office of the Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister.

The office’s maritime services deputy assistant II, Okto Irianto, told Antara news agency on Sunday that yachters were particularly fond of the archipelago’s beauty and richness on land and underwater. “While the pleasant climate allows yachters to visit Indonesia any time of the year.”

Meanwhile, compared with Thailand, the Caribbean and Taiwan, Indonesia is free from typhoon. “Based on these four reasons, Indonesia is the most attractive place to visit for yachters. Plus it has an attractive culture,” said Okto. Despite this huge potential, Okto said, the government is still facing challenges attracting yachters to the country.

Since 2015, the government has tried to support marine tourism development by changing the procedures for entering Indonesian territory, the Clearance Approval for Indonesian Territory (CAIT). The new regulation would no longer force yachters to wait for three to six months to get a permit to enter the country. “The new registration system shortens the process to only one hour. Hopefully we can attract up to 6,000 yachters by 2019 with this new system,” he explained.
*ref: Anantara News

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Date: 29 Oct 2017

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