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Bali Yacht Services helps you navigate the waters around Bali — that’s why we started this website in 2005 — to provide visiting yachters with local information on sailing in Indonesia, boating & yachting regulations, vessel clearance procedures and various Bali cruise tourism services.

We provide a select portfolio of luxury yachts for discerning travellers as well as a selection of Bali day cruises to Lembongan & Penida. Our bespoke private yacht charters accomodate all of your boating needs with exclusive yacht packages for an exceptional day at sea.

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Our team is happy to help you buy/sell yachts, examine new market opportunities for your boat & various consulting services.

Bali Day Cruises

Bali day cruise options, Bali boat tour sailing from Bali to Nusa Penida. Book your boat tour today & enjoy a leisure cruise to our beach club in Nusa Penida.

Private Yacht Charters

Hire a yacht: browse our portfolio of luxury yachts for private charter. Exceptional services for a range of private luxury yacht charter options & cruise destinations.

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Information, charts, news updates & resources to help visitors navigate dynamic maritime regulations in and around Bali.

Luxury yacht portfolio Bali

Aneecha Sailing Catamaran Bali

Aneecha Catamaran

Aneecha is the #1 Bali day cruise catamaran yacht sailing Bali and Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan.

Bali Rizio Yacht

Bali Rizio Yacht

A popular boat for day cruises. Guests highly rate the captain & crew, and love the beautiful destinations we visit.

Lagoon Catamaran Bali

Lagoon380 Sailing Catamaran

Lagoon yachts are some of the best catamarans in the world. Spacious and seaworthy, great to spend a day sailing.

Blue Marlin Bali - Accura55 Yacht

Accura55 Yacht

A stylish and comfortable luxury yacht, popular with couples as well as small groups for celebrating & exploring the islands.

Blue Marlin 2 - Accura48 Speedboat

Accura48 Yacht

A great choice for private charters and fishing around Bali & for speedboat cruises to Lombok & Gili Islands.

Bali Wahoo Yacht

Bali Wahoo Yacht

Specialising in sport fishing trips, Bali Wahoo & captain know where to find the fish in Bali.

Boating in Bali & the surrounding islands is a boaters tropical paradise. There are so many pristine tropical oases around the coastline of Bali, and viewing the island from a boat gives you a whole new appreciation of the mother nature's natural splendor. We're even more lucky to have several islands nearby an abundant amount of sealife, surf and postcard perfection that you will be left in awe. Private white sand beaches, tall tropical palm trees, and shades of crystal clear blue water that make you think you are in a dream. Our goal is to take you there by boat and help create an unforgettable memory island hopping in your own private yacht.

Why Bali Yacht Services?

Because we love boating in Bali! We've been doing it for over a decade and any day you'll find us on the water promoting what we love -- yachting in Bali. We were one of the first to bring the idea of yacht tourism to make it available online. And that's still what we love to do -- make chartering a yacht in Bali easy and accessible to visitors who want to experience yacht life in Bali. There is nothing like the feeling of sailing the clear blue sea, and this website is here to help you navigate yachting paradise.