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We love documenting #yachtlife in Bali. Here's collection of some of our selected photographs, video and graphic designs. Select pieces available for limited edition print.


Daily updates on boating in Bali. @baliyachts


Weekly updates through photography & short videos. @baliyachtservices


Small selection of influencer videos cruising with us.


Some of our nautical range of goods here.

Boating in Bali & the surrounding islands is a yachters tropical paradise. The shots almost take themselves here as everything is just so beautiful. This page contains some of our personal work, as well as contributions from social media influencers and other creatives.

Influencer Videos:

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Murad & Natalie Osman, the couple that started one of the biggest and influencial trends that social media has ever seen. Instantly recognizable by "the girl leading the photographers hand" to incredibly beautiful areas of the planet.

Cruising Bali & Penida

A stylish video montage of a typical day sailing from Bali to the nearby islands of Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida. Stunning aerial shots, volancoes, underwater shots and more make this a beautiful collection.

Reverse Magazine Feature

Reverse Magazine joined Aneecha for a Day Cruise to Nusa Lembongan - Sailing, Mantas, Dolphins, Surf & Beachclubs. Video by Nicki Antognini for Reverse Magazine.

Short Clip Aneecha Promo

A video short on sailing with Aneecha catamaran.

Recent photos from around Bali & Penida

We'll also have a select portoflio of photographs for limited edition prints (with frame), as well as custom made nautical maps of Bali & Penida for sale.

Aneecha at AMP Beach Club Penida Sunset in Canggu, Bali Palm Trees in Pendia Surf Drone Nusa Lembongan Aneecha
Beautiful Bali Sunset Nusa Lembongan Mount Agung Volcano, Bali Boats at Sanur, Bali Bali Sunset Night Photo Nusa Lembongan Agung with Sailboat
Nusa Penida Manta Ray Awesome Palm Trees, Penida Sunrise at Sanur, Bali Padma Beach Sunset, Bali Sailing Catamaran, Bali Pantai German, Kuta Bali Sunset