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Tsunami Ready Hotels, Bali

The highly respected volcanologist Dr. Janine Krippner (@janinekrippner) recently had a request on Twitter about information pertaining to Tsunami Evacuation plans in Bali, specifically for the Nusa Dua region & environs. While we continue to get direct Evacuation Plans from the specific hotels, I thought I’d take this opportunity to write up a quick reference post that people looking for more information might find useful.

Tsunami Ready Certified Hotels in Bali

There is a resource online called Tsunami Ready which is a website auditing hotels with Tsunami Ready certificates and “providing a standard and a wide range of resources, advice and training to empower especially the tourism industry to prepare for tsunami in order to prevent and reduce damage to life and property as much as possible.”

From their website: “Feel safe and secure while enjoying your beach holiday. Don’t worry about tsunami because you are in good hands. ‘Tsunami Ready’ hotels are prepared. They are connected to all relevant tsunami early warning services and they have proven to have implemented a high safety standard. Look out for the ‘Tsunami Ready’ hotels seal when booking your holiday!”
Tsunami Ready Hotels in Bali

Tsunami Ready conducts a training period and on-site audit for hotels in order to obtain their certicate. If the hotel passes Tsunami Ready’s training & audit, they are permitted to use the “Tsunami Ready” logo in their marketing materials — a list of the current hotels with the certification are listed here:

More information about Tsunami Ready & Bali hotels with certificates can be found in this informative article at TripSavvy – Tsunami Ready Hotels in Bali

Tsunami Evacuation Maps of Bali

I found this other great resource — Tsunami Kit — that contains Tsunami Evacuation Maps of Bali, with evacuation plans & tsumani modelling in various regions of Bali. Very informative.

Tsunami Kit - Bali Tsunami Maps

Tsunami Risk Map for Bali

Another useful resoure is “Tsunami Risk Map for Bali” at Research Gate using GITEWS framework.

Tsunami Risk Map for Bali Safety Tsunami Risk Map for Bali website here

Safety Procedures for Tsunami Evacuation Bali

And lastly, some safety information for you.

Procedures for Tsunami Evacuation in Tanjung Benoa

The following procedures have been agreed upon between representatives from Tanjung Benoa and adjacent hotels to facilitate temporary evacuation before and during tsunami events in southern Bali:

  • 1. Get prepared – long before something happens

  • Study the evacuation plan and get familiar with the evacuation procedures
  • Discuss procedures within your family and neighborhood
  • 2) If you feel an earthquake – protect yourself

  • Don’t panic!
  • Drop, cover and hold!
  • 3) After an earthquake, be aware that a tsunami may follow

  • Don’t wait for an official warning. Leave the beach immediately as a measure of precaution!
  • Prepare yourself for an imminent evacuation!
  • Listen to the radio for further information and pay attention to the siren!
  • 4) The sound of the siren is the official call for evacuation

  • When the siren sounds, go directly to the hotel that has been assigned as shelter area for your Banjar
  • Hotel staff will be ready to receive people from the Banjar assigned to the hotel
  • Follow the instructions of hotel staff – they will guide you to the shelter areas
  • After the first tsunami wave, more waves are likely to come!
  • Wait for an “All Clear” message before leaving shelter
  • 5)Pay attention to natural warning signs

  • If the water retreats quicker and further than during normal tides, a tsunami is imminent to strike
  • A strong wind or a roaring sound may be observed prior to the arrival of tsunami waves
  • If you observe any of these signs, look for shelter immediately
Get familiar with safety rules for earthquakes and tsunamis.
Here is the pdf link for: Procedures for Tsunami Evacuation in Tanjung Benoa

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