Indonesia eases yacht cruising permits

New regulations in maritime cruising permits allows for increased cruise tourism viability. Yachts cruising through Indonesia can enjoy improved clearance and permits procedures — it has recently been announced that regulations and procedures for foreign yachts entering the region have been revised to facilitate a smoother, swifter process.

  • Foreign yachts only need clearances at first entry and last exit ports; domestic clearances are not necessary. The SPB sailing permit issued by Harbormaster at first entry port covers all domestic travel up to exit port.
  • Cruising Permits from now on are issued via e-CAIT online system for both agents and private individuals to apply online, see:
  • The e-CAIT permits shall be will be processed in the shortest time possible; typically just 24 hours approval turnaround.
  • Foreign yacht owners and their representatives can sign the guarantee for Customs temporary import.
  • Foreign yachts are forbidden from commercial activity within Indonesian waters.
  • New marine tourism facilities can be public – private partnerships and local Government are encouraged to facilitate new developments.
  • Indonesia offers a host of destinations to explore and these new improved clearance procedures should open the doors to more yachts visiting the region.

CAIT online application website