Cruising Application for Indonesian Territory (CAIT)

* this post has been updated – the latest info on cruising permits Indonesia here


Old information about CAIT Indonesia:

30 September, 2010

All yachts are required to have a valid Cruising Application for Indonesian Territory (CAIT) while in Indonesian waters. The CAIT should not be confused with a Surat Izin Berlayar (SIB) which is a port clearance that is sometimes issued for larger vessels traveling from one Indonesian port to another.

The CAIT is a permit for your yacht to enter Indonesia, it is issued by the Indonesian Government Department of Sea Communications and will take around 4 weeks to process; it is for the yacht only and is valid only for the fixed period of three months from the date of your arrival in Indonesia.

Your CAIT details cannot be changed after the application is sent to be processed in Jakarta and your CAIT is NOT extendible or transferable and it is NOT a VISA for either the captain or crew; however it is an Indonesian Government regulation that every person on your yacht is listed on your CAIT. If you do arrive in Indonesia with additional crew on board who are not listed on your CAIT it may lead to delays and extra “expenses” and again when you arrive in other ports throughout Indonesia.