Indonesia wants to open new Singapore-Bali cruise routes

Blog > Yacht Tourism | date: 29 Oct 2017

Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has been talking about the country’s plans to cooperate with Singapore and Thailand to get more cruise ships into Indonesian waters.

“We are taking initiative for joint promotion, joint destinations, creating a new route from Singapore to Bali with stops in Belitung, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, and Benoa, Bali. Then the destinations on our north coast ports will liven up,” Yahya said in a statement on Tuesday, as quoted by, Tuesday 24 January 2017.
“Jika 2.000 penumpang turun dari kapal saat singgah, mengambil paket wisata 6-12 jam saja, sudah sama dengan dengan 10 penerbangan yang berisi wisatawan.” If 2,000 passengers get off the boat during a stopover, picking up a 6-12 hour tour package, it is equal to 10 flights containing tourists.

That is why Tourism Minister Arief Yahya revealed plans to cooperate with Singapore and Thailand to bring cruise ship tourism into the waters of Indonesia.

Menpar said that Indonesia has now deregulated many things, one of them the lifting of “cabotage”. So far, foreign-flagged vessels must not ride and drop passengers at international ports.

“Since last year the principle has been revoked, and the government has set 5 international ports to increase passengers, including Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Makassar,” said the former Managing Director of Indosat. (Ren)

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Date: 24 Jan 2017

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