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0.7% of Bali Environmental Budget Goes to Environmental Issues 2012

16 November 2012
Category: Bali, Ecosystems

It took a decade for a budget to be conceived, as it was more of a retroactive side-thought. State of affairs in 2012...

New Marine Species Discovered on Bali Reefs

7 May 2011
Category: Ecosystems

Conservation International (CI) discovers nine potentially new marine species.

Mangroves: Lungs of the Sea

10 May 2010
Category: Ecosystems

Green Watch: Company protects mangrove forests

What is CAIT?

30 September 2010
Category: Cruising Info

CAIT is the old yacht cruising Indonesia application form which has been replaced with the new YachtERS

Bali Environmentalists Sound Warning on Tourism Development (2008)

19 May 2008
Category: Bali

The Indonesian Environmental Forum has joined a growing chorus calling for more control and greater deliberation on the rapid expansion of Bali’s hotel and villa industry.

How Green is Our Island? Bali Environmental Warning (2008)

22 December 2008
Category: Bali, Ecosystems

Urgent Warning from Island’s Government that Unregulated Development May be Irreparably Destroying Bali’s Environment... in 2008!