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-- December 2018
Category: News


Luxury Yacht Import Tax Indonesia

Luxury Yacht Tariff To Be Cut in 2019?

20 November 2018
Category: Government Policy

Change in luxury goods tax policy? No luxury yacht tax? We're not holding our breath...

Conservation International Indonesia Ecotourism

Conservation International Indonesia Partners with Rascal Voyages for Eco-Tourism

22 October 2018
Category: Ecosystems

Conservation International Indonesia's eco-tourism business model being put to a case study.

Bali Tsunami Resources & Info

Bali Tsunami Evacuation Plan Resources & Tsunami Ready Hotels in Bali

2 October 2018
Category: Bali

Volcanologist Dr. Janine Krippner recently sought information pertaining to Tsunami Evacuation plans in Bali... here's a quick reference post we made for people looking for more information they might find useful.

Change of Tax Policy Indonesia

Change of Tax Policy – Foreign Yachts & Alcohol

14 August 2018
Category: Government Policy

In July of this year 2018, Indonesia’s Tourism Minister stated that the Government 'may reduce' the import tax on Luxury Yachts to 0%. But it will 'definitely increase' the tax on import alcohol...

The High Cost of Destructive Fishing Practices

The High Cost of Destructive Fishing Practices

14 February 2018
Category: Ecosystems, Gov't Policy

Indonesia, the largest archipelagic country in the world, has a vast water area covering a total of 5.8 million square kilometers...

Jakarta Maritime Musuem Art

Countries offer to restore Jakarta Maritime Museum in Old Batavia

5 February 2018
Category: Art

Sadly a 366 years old (constructed from 1652–1771) landmark musuem has burned down losing priceless pieces of history...



-- November 2018
Category: Government Policy, Yacht Tourism




-- October 2018
Category: Yacht Tourism